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United Process Controls

United Process Controls (UPC) is a world leader in industrial process control and automation in the heat treatment and combustion markets. UPC was formed in 2012 as a result of the merger of Furnace Controls Corp. (USA), Marathon Monitors Inc. (USA), and Waukee Engineering Company Inc. (USA). In 2017 UPC added to its portfolio of specialized industrial flow measurement and atmosphere control products and solutions with the acquisition of Atmosphere Engineering Company. 


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 United Process Controls (UPC) offers Solutions that significantly lower fuel consumption, maintenance costs and emissions. They are used in high temperature environments such as furnaces, boilers, incinerators, power plants, fired heaters, kilns, etc. These simple engineered solutions are composed of a reference air box, a Oxymit transmitter or Protherm controller, and an Oxyfire Oxygen Sensor. 

Benefits from controlling combustion are immediate and calculable. Installation of the Oxyfire high temperature Oxygen Analyzer in the Hot Zone allows you to monitor and control your combustion process, exactly where it makes sense to control it!

A 2% reduction of excess air in a combustion process lowers fuel consumption by up to 4%! With the same excess air reduction, NOx emissions can be reduced by up to 40%. With our zero and span capabilities, your company may even be able to satisfy your environmental regulatory obligations. 












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