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UPC Oxyfire High-Temperature Oxygen Sensor

This in-situ oxygen sensor measures oxygen concentrations directly in the "high heat" zones of high temperature furnaces, boilers and incinerators. They are intrinsically safe, requiring no electrical input power, and generating only a low millivolt output.



The OxyFire sensors allow for continuous, accurate oxygen measurement and control in the combustion zone. Reduction in excess O2 will reduce emissions of combustion by-products such as SO2, NO2 and CO. The products perform with little maintenance. Sensor endurance in the aggressive environment of a container glass furnace is typically 18 months. Replacement is a simple process which can be performed by on-site personnel. UPC Applications Engineers can assist customers in selecting the proper oxygen sensor technology and sensor placement within the furnace for optimal usage.

Users have been able to reduce fuel by up to 1-2% for every 1% reduction in Excess Oxygen

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  • Available in a number of standard lengths up to 48" (1200 mm)
  • Field performance can be easily verified using integral verification gas port
  • "B", "S", and "R" thermocouples are available
  • Alumina, Silicon Carbide, HR160 Alloy and Zirconia protection sheaths are available
  • CE Marked and TUV Certified
  • Intrinsically Safe per EN50 014 (1977) clause 1.3
  • Temperature Range: 1000 °F (min) to 3000 °F (max) / 538° (min) to 1649°C (max)
  • Robust design eliminates "auxiliary sheaths" required on lower quality products
  • Proven track record: used in more furnaces, boilers and incinerators than all other high-temp probes combined
  • Longest life available
  • No drift or accuracy problems common to "side hole" probes
  • High quality construction eliminates the need for cooling air - one more failure point in low-end designs
  • Patented "boot" provides fast response while protecting the outer electrode and preventing the accuracy problems that plague foil-based electrodes
  • Proprietary, application-specific installation configurations maximize life and accuracy in high-slag environments
  • Machined 6061T6 aluminum head provides air-tight enclosure for electrical connections
  • Classified configurations available
  • 12-month warranty


Oxyfire Oxygen High-Temperature Sensor Brochure

Oxyfire Oxygen High-Temperature Sensor Installation / Operation Manual

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