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Kromschroder Automatic Burner Control Unit IFD 244








Automatic Burner Control Unit IFD 244



  • For directly ignited burners of up to 350 kW in continuous operation pursuant to EN 746-2

  • Continuous self-testing for faults

  • Restart following flame failure

  • Flame control with ionisation sensor

  • Diverse installation possibilities via holes or snap mechanism for DIN rail

  • Space-saving installation on site with IFD 244..I with integrated ignition

  • Display for program status and flame signal intensity


Automatic burner control unit IFD 244 ignites and monitors gas burners in continuous operation. As a result of its fully electronic design it reacts quickly to various process requirements and is therefore also suitable for frequent cycling operation. 

It can be used for directly ignited industrial burners in double-electrode operation up to 350 kW.
The program status and the level of the flame signal can be read directly from the unit. Following a flame failure during operation, a restart is conducted automatically.


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