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Pressure Switches

DG Gas Pressure Switch
DL Gas Pressure Switch


TZI and TGI Transofrmers

Electronic Burner Control & Flame Detectors

IFD 244 Automatic Burner Control
IFD 258 Automatic Burner Control
BCU 370 Burner Control
BCU 460 / 465 Burner Control
IFW Flame Relay

UV Scanners

UVS10 UV Detectors

Gas Filters

GFK Gas Filters

Pressure Regulators

GIK Gas Filters / Air Ratio Controls
GDJ Gas Pressure Regulator
VGBF Gas Pressure Regulator
VSBV Relief Valves
JSAV Safety Shutoff Valve


Butterfly Valves
VG Gas Solenoid Valves
VAS and VCS Gas Solenoid Valves

Pressure Regulators with Valves

VAD, VAG, VAV, VAH Pressure Regulator with Solenoid Valves