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Siemens VA Valve-Actuator Assemblies

  • $846.11

Here we have a wealth of Valve-Actuator Assemblies variations. VA Assemblies are available with the following actuators:

Connecting to the following Valve lines:

Please Call or email for assistance regarding ordering an Assembly.

High Quantities and less-common models may take an additional 10 days for shipment. Contact us via phone or Email to request more information on availability. 



Here are some popular examples of Assemblies:

  • VA40.25-NF-100 - SQM40.255R11, 30 Sec, 4-20mA, to 1" VKG Full Port Valve
  • VA40.15-NF-300 - SQM40.155R11, 15 Sec, 120Vac, to 3" VKF Full Port Valve
  • VA45.2-4.0VKF - SQM45.295B9, 10 Sec, to 4" VKF Full Port Valve
  • VA45.2-NF-200 - SQM45.295B9, 10 Sec, to 2" VKG Full Port Valve
  • VA45.2-NR-400 - SQM45.295B9, 10 Sec, to 2" VKG Reduced Port Valve
  • VA48.4-F.5-24 - SQM48.497A9 to F-1/2-24 Oil Module Valve
  • VA50.2-NF-075 - SQM50.264R1G3, 8 Sec, 4-20mA, to 3/4" VKG Full Port Valve
  • VA50.4-6.0VKF - SQM50.461R1G3, 25 Sec, 4-20mA, to 6" VKF Valve
  • VA33-S35 - SQM33.550A9 to 3/8" S-3-5D-UL Oil Module Valve



Siemens Control Actuators and VA’s Tutorial Video:

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