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Siemens SQM5 Reversing Actuators, 120VAC - Select your components and options

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Contact us via phone or Email if you require assisstance, additonal configurations not listed above, or for other information on availability.

High Quantities and less-common models may take additional time for shipment. 

SQM5 reversing actuators are used for the positioning of flow control valves, butterfly valves, dampers, or any application requiring rotary motion. The SQM5 actuators accommodate control input signals of 4-20 mA, 0-135 Ohms, 0-10 Vdc, 0-20 mA, position proportional and floating control. The available output signals include 4-20 mA, 0-135 Ohms, 0-10 Vdc, 0-20 Vdc, 0-20 mA, and 0-1000 Ohms. SQM50, SQM53 AND SQM56 Actuators are available with up to six internal, easily adjustable switches.

A selection of exchangeable circuit boards provide a variety of functions including auto/manual selector switch, manual forward/reverse toggle switch, zero and span adjustment, parallel or master/slave operation, split range control, input signal override, and selectable electronic linearization.

SQM5 is engineered for precision. It is particularly well suited for applications requiring a high degree of modulating accuracy and repeatability.

SQM5 may be mounted in any positon. A selection of mounting brackets and shafts provides installation of flexibility and allows for the simple replacement of most competitive actuators.


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  • Two limit switches, plus up to four internal auxiliary switches
  • Fully closed "economy position" switch
  • Drive shaft and cam drum disengagement clutches
  • Auto/manual switch, manual control forward/reverse toggle switch
  • UL, CSA approved 24 and 110 Vac versions
  • CE approved 220 Vac versions
  • Field reversable clockwise(cw) or counter clockwise (ccw) operation. 
  • Various torque ratings and running times available
  • Selection of field exchangeable single-ended and dual-ended shafts
  • Connections for both base and face mounting
  • Low hysteresis actuator and potentiometer gearing
  • Externally visible position indication
  • Selection of input and output signals
  • Zero and span adjustment
  • Field exchangeable circuit boards and potentiometers
  • Electronic damper linearization function
  • split range and selectable parallel or master/slave operation
  • adjustable input signal override function.

Accessories and Components:

Option Specifications:

  • in-lbs = torque
  • Running time = time for 90⁰ rotation
  • Switches = 2 Limit switches, 1 Ignition switch and the rest are Auxiliary
  • Shaft options are No shaft, Round 10mm Single Ended shaft, Square 3/8” dual ended shaft, 14mm Round single ended shaft.
  • Operating Voltage options are 110-120Vac, 220-240Vac or 24Vac
  • Internal Circuit Board options are 'Position Proportional control', 4-20mA Input, 0-135 Ohm input, 0-10 Vdc input, or All inputs/outputs, (linearization, split range, override and pre-set positioning).
  • Potentiometers options are 1000Ohm -  90⁰, 1000Ohm - 135⁰, 1000/1000Ohm - 90⁰, 1000/1000Ohm - 90⁰, 135Ohm - 90⁰, 135Ohm - 135⁰, 135/135Ohm - 135⁰
  • Motors are Anticlockwise rotation unless otherwise noted.



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Other Accessories


Display and Operating Units

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SQM50.260A2G4 SQM50.260A2Z3 SQM50.260R1 SQM50.260R1G4 SQM50.260R1Z3 SQM50.260R1Z4 SQM50.260R2A SQM50.260R2G4 SQM50.261R1A SQM50.261R1G3 SQM50.261R1G3R SQM50.261R1G4 SQM50.261R1Z3 SQM50.261R2A SQM50.261R2G3 SQM50.264A1G4 SQM50.264R1A SQM50.264R1A0R SQM50.264R1A3 SQM50.264R1A3R SQM50.264R1A4 SQM50.264R1A4R SQM50.264R1A7 SQM50.264R1A7R SQM50.264R1G3 SQM50.264R1G3R SQM50.264R1G4 SQM50.264R1G4R SQM50.264R1G7 SQM50.264R1G7R SQM50.264R1G8 SQM50.264R1K3 SQM50.264R1Z3 SQM50.264R1Z3R SQM50.264R1Z7 SQM50.264R2A SQM50.264R2A3 SQM50.264R2G3 SQM50.264R2G4 SQM50.264R2K3 SQM50.264R2Z3 SQM50.265R1A3 SQM50.265R1G3 SQM50.265R1K3 SQM50.265R1Z3 SQM50.265R2A3 SQM50.265R2G3 SQM50.265R2K3 SQM50.265R2Z3 SQM50.267R1G3 SQM50.267R1G3R SQM50.267R1Z3 SQM50.267R1Z3R SQM50.267R1Z7 SQM50.360R1 SQM50.360R1G3 SQM50.361R1 SQM50.361R1A SQM50.361R1A3 SQM50.361R1G3 SQM50.361R1G3R SQM50.361R1G7 SQM50.361R1Z3 SQM50.361R1Z7 SQM50.364R1A SQM50.364R1A0R SQM50.364R1A3 SQM50.364R1A4 SQM50.364R1A7 SQM50.364R1G3 SQM50.364R1G3R SQM50.364R1G4R SQM50.364R1G7 SQM50.364R1K3 SQM50.364R1Z3 SQM50.364R1Z3R SQM50.364R1Z4 SQM50.364R1Z4R SQM50.364R1Z7 SQM50.364R1Z7R SQM50.365R1A3 SQM50.365R1G3 SQM50.365R1K3 SQM50.365R1Z3 SQM50.367R1A SQM50.367R1A3 SQM50.367R1G3R SQM50.367R1G7 SQM50.367R1G7R SQM50.367R1Z3 SQM50.367R1Z3R SQM50.367R1Z7 SQM50.367R1Z7R SQM50.380A1 SQM50.380A8 SQM50.381A2 SQM50.381A2G3 SQM50.381R2Z3 SQM50.384A2G3 SQM50.384R2A3 SQM50.384R2G3 SQM50.384R2K3 SQM50.384R2Z3 SQM50.384R2Z3R SQM50.384R8H7 SQM50.384R8H7R SQM50.385R2A3 SQM50.385R2G3 SQM50.385R2K3 SQM50.385R2Z3 SQM50.387A2G3 SQM50.424A2Z7 SQM50.424A2Z7R SQM50.441A2 SQM50.441A2G3 SQM50.443A8 SQM50.450R1A SQM50.450R8G3 SQM50.450R8H3 SQM50.451R8G3 SQM50.451R8G3R SQM50.454A8 SQM50.454R8A SQM50.454R8A7 SQM50.454R8ABR SQM50.454R8G3 SQM50.454R8H3 SQM50.454R8Z3 SQM50.455R8G3 SQM50.460R1 SQM50.460R1A SQM50.460R1A3 SQM50.460R1G3 SQM50.460R1G3R SQM50.460R1H3 SQM50.460R1Z3 SQM50.461R1 SQM50.461R1A SQM50.461R1A3 SQM50.461R1A3R SQM50.461R1A7 SQM50.461R1G3 SQM50.461R1G3R SQM50.461R1G4 SQM50.461R1G4R SQM50.461R1G7 SQM50.461R1H3 SQM50.461R1K3 SQM50.461R1Z3 SQM50.461R1Z3R SQM50.461R1Z4 SQM50.461R1Z4R SQM50.461R1Z7 SQM50.461R2G3 SQM50.461R2G3R SQM50.461R2Z3 SQM50.461R2Z3R SQM50.462R1G3 SQM50.462R1G3R SQM50.464R1A SQM50.464R1A0R SQM50.464R1A3 SQM50.464R1A3R SQM50.464R1A4 SQM50.464R1A4R SQM50.464R1A7 SQM50.464R1G3 SQM50.464R1G3R SQM50.464R1G4 SQM50.464R1G4R SQM50.464R1G7 SQM50.464R1G7R SQM50.464R1G8 SQM50.464R1H3 SQM50.464R1H3R SQM50.464R1K3 SQM50.464R1Z3 SQM50.464R1Z3-N4 SQM50.464R1Z3R SQM50.464R1Z4 SQM50.464R1Z4R SQM50.464R1Z7 SQM50.464R1Z7R SQM50.464R2A3 SQM50.464R2A3R SQM50.464R2A4R SQM50.464R2G3 SQM50.464R2G3R SQM50.464R2G4 SQM50.464R2G4R SQM50.464R2K3 SQM50.464R2Z3 SQM50.464R2Z3R SQM50.465R1A SQM50.465R1A3 SQM50.465R1A3R SQM50.465R1G3 SQM50.465R1G3R SQM50.465R1G7 SQM50.465R1K3 SQM50.465R1Z3 SQM50.465R1Z7 SQM50.465R2A3 SQM50.465R2G3 SQM50.465R2K3 SQM50.465R2Z3 SQM50.466R1G3 SQM50.467R1A SQM50.467R1A3 SQM50.467R1G3 SQM50.467R1G3R SQM50.467R1G7 SQM50.467R1G7R SQM50.467R1H3 SQM50.467R1Z3 SQM50.467R1Z3R SQM50.467R1Z4 SQM50.467R1Z7 SQM50.467R1Z7R SQM50.467R2G3 SQM50.480A1 SQM50.480A1Z3 SQM50.480A2 SQM50.480A2G3 SQM50.480A2Z3 SQM50.480A8 SQM50.480A8Z3 SQM50.480R1 SQM50.480R1G3 SQM50.480R1H3 SQM50.480R1Z3 SQM50.480R2Z3 SQM50.480R8A SQM50.481A1G3 SQM50.481A2 SQM50.481A2G3 SQM50.481A2Z3 SQM50.481R1 SQM50.481R1Z3 SQM50.481R1Z3R SQM50.481R1Z4 SQM50.481R1Z4R SQM50.481R2G3 SQM50.481R2G3R SQM50.481R2Z3 SQM50.481R8Z3 SQM50.482A2 SQM50.483A1Z3 SQM50.483A2Z3 SQM50.483A8 SQM50.484A2G3 SQM50.484R1G3 SQM50.484R1Z3 SQM50.484R1Z3R SQM50.484R2A3 SQM50.484R2Z3 SQM50.484R8A SQM50.484R8G3 SQM50.484R8H3 SQM50.484R8H7 SQM50.484R8H7R SQM50.484R8K3 SQM50.484R8Z3 SQM50.487R1Z3 SQM50.487R2Z3 SQM50.543A8 SQM50.543A80B SQM50.544R8H7 SQM50.544R8H7R SQM50.544R8H8 SQM50.544R8H8R SQM50.644A804E SQM50.680A8 SQM53.460R1 SQM53.460R1A SQM53.460R1G3 SQM53.460R1Z3 SQM53.461R1A3 SQM53.461R1G3 SQM53.461R1G3R SQM53.461R1G7 SQM53.461R1Z3 SQM53.461R1Z3R SQM53.462R1A3 SQM53.462R1Z3 SQM53.464A1G4 SQM53.464R1A SQM53.464R1A3 SQM53.464R1A3R SQM53.464R1A4 SQM53.464R1A4R SQM53.464R1A7R SQM53.464R1A8 SQM53.464R1AR SQM53.464R1G3 SQM53.464R1G3R SQM53.464R1G7 SQM53.464R1G7R SQM53.464R1G8 SQM53.464R1Z3 SQM53.464R1Z3R SQM53.464R1Z4 SQM53.464R1Z7 SQM53.464R1Z7R SQM53.465R1G3 SQM53.465R1Z3 SQM53.467R1A SQM53.467R1A3 SQM53.467R1A3R SQM53.467R1G3 SQM53.467R1G3R SQM53.467R1G7 SQM53.467R1Z3 SQM53.467R1Z3R SQM53.467R1Z4 SQM53.467R1Z7 SQM53.480A1 SQM53.480R1G3 SQM53.480R1Z3 SQM53.480R1Z3R SQM53.481R1Z3 SQM53.481R1Z3R SQM53.481R2G3 SQM53.481R2Z3 SQM53.482A1Z3 SQM53.482A2 SQM53.482A2G4 SQM53.482A2Z3 SQM53.482R1Z3 SQM53.482R2G3 SQM53.484R1G3 SQM53.484R1Z3 SQM53.484R2A3 SQM53.484R2G3 SQM53.484R2G3R SQM53.484R2Z3 SQM53.487R1Z3 SQM53.487R2G3 SQM53.487R2G3R SQM53.582A2 SQM54.480A2 SQM54.480R1A3 SQM54.481R1G3 SQM54.481R1G7 SQM54.481R1Z3 SQM54.482A1 SQM54.482A2 SQM54.484R1Z3 SQM54.487R1G3 SQM54.487R1G3R SQM54.487R1G7 SQM54.487R1G7R SQM54.487R1H3 SQM54.487R1Z3 SQM54.580A2 SQM56.560R1 SQM56.560R1A SQM56.560R1A3 SQM56.560R1G4 SQM56.560R1H4 SQM56.560R2 SQM56.561R1A SQM56.561R1A3 SQM56.561R1A4 SQM56.561R1A4R SQM56.561R1G3 SQM56.561R1G3R SQM56.561R1G4 SQM56.561R1G4R SQM56.561R1Z3 SQM56.562R1A3 SQM56.564R1A SQM56.564R1A3 SQM56.564R1A3R SQM56.564R1A4 SQM56.564R1A4R SQM56.564R1ABR SQM56.564R1AC SQM56.564R1ACR SQM56.564R1G3 SQM56.564R1G3R SQM56.564R1G4 SQM56.564R1G4R SQM56.564R1G7 SQM56.564R1G7R SQM56.564R1H3 SQM56.564R1H3R SQM56.564R1H4 SQM56.564R1H8 SQM56.564R1Z3 SQM56.564R1Z3R SQM56.564R1Z4 SQM56.564R1Z4R SQM56.567R1 SQM56.567R1A3 SQM56.567R1A3R SQM56.567R1G3 SQM56.567R1G3R SQM56.567R1G4 SQM56.567R1G4R SQM56.567R1G7 SQM56.567R1G7R SQM56.567R1Z3 SQM56.567R1Z3R SQM56.567R1Z4 SQM56.584R1H3 SQM56.584R1H3R SQM56.584R1H4 SQM56.584R1Z4R SQM56.660R1 SQM56.660R1A8R SQM56.660R1G3 SQM56.660R1Z3 SQM56.660R1Z3R SQM56.661R1A8R SQM56.661R1G3 SQM56.661R1G3R SQM56.661R1G4 SQM56.661R1G4R SQM56.661R1G7 SQM56.661R1Z3 SQM56.662R1G3 SQM56.664R1A SQM56.664R1A3 SQM56.664R1A4 SQM56.664R1A4R SQM56.664R1A7 SQM56.664R1A8 SQM56.664R1A8R SQM56.664R1G3 SQM56.664R1G3R SQM56.664R1G4 SQM56.664R1G4R SQM56.664R1G7 SQM56.664R1G7R SQM56.664R1G8 SQM56.664R1H3 SQM56.664R1H3R SQM56.664R1Z3 SQM56.664R1Z3R SQM56.664R1Z7 SQM56.664R2A4R SQM56.664R2G3 SQM56.664R2G3R SQM56.664R2G4 SQM56.664R2Z3 SQM56.664R2Z3R SQM56.665R1A8R SQM56.665R1G3 SQM56.665R1Z3 SQM56.667R1 SQM56.667R1A3R SQM56.667R1A8 SQM56.667R1A8R SQM56.667R1G3 SQM56.667R1G3R SQM56.667R1G7 SQM56.667R1G7R SQM56.667R1Z3 SQM56.667R1Z4 SQM56.667R2G3 SQM56.667R2Z3 SQM56.667R2Z3R SQM56.680R1G3 SQM56.680R1G3R SQM56.680R1Z3 SQM56.682R1Z3 SQM56.684A2G4 SQM56.684A2Z3 SQM56.684A2Z3R SQM56.684R1G3 SQM56.684R1Z3 SQM56.684R2Z3R SQM56.687A1 SQM56.687A1Z3 SQM56.687A2 SQM56.687A2G3 SQM56.687A2G4 SQM56.687A2Z3 SQM56.687R1G4 SQM56.687R2G3 Torque in-lb @ 60 (50) Hz. 0 90 for 8 (10) sec. running time 0 140 for 12 (15), 25 (30), 37 (45) sec. 3 200 for 25 (30) sec. 6 310 for 37 (45) sec. 6 400 for 50 (60), 75 (90) sec. Running time for 90° Not all actuator running times are available in each torque. Refer to table 1 60 Hz. 50 Hz. 2 8 sec. 2 10 sec. 3 12 sec. 3 15 sec. 4 25 sec. 4 30 sec. 5 37 sec. 5 45 sec. 6 50 sec. 6 60 sec. Number of SPDT switches 6 2 limit and 4 auxiliary switches Shaft selection 0 no shaft (shaft must be ordered separately) 1 round 10 mm, single ended 4 square 3/8 inch, dual ended 5 D-shaped 10mm, single ended 7 round 14 mm, single ended Approvals R UL recognized, CSA certified Operating voltage (Vac @ 50-60 Hz) 1 110-120 Vac 2 220-240 Vac 8 24 Vac Internal circuit board (SQM5x.xxxxx G, H, K, Zx actuators require potentiometer ASZ…) A AGA56.1A97 (position proportional control) G AGA56.41A... (4 to 20 mA input) H AGA56.42A... (0 to 135 Ohm input) K AGA56.43A... (0 to 10 Vdc input) Z AGA56.9... (all inputs/outputs, linearization, split ranging, override, and pre-set positioning) Potentiometer (1000 Ohm required when using SQM5x.xxxxx G, H, K, Zx actuators) 3 ASZ12.30 (1000 Ohm, 90°) 4 ASZ12.33 (1000 Ohm, 135°) 7 ASZ22.30 (1000/1000 Ohm, 90°) 8 ASZ22.33 (1000/1000 Ohm, 135°) B ASZ16.703 (135 Ohm, 90°) C ASZ16.733 (135 Ohm, 135°) L ASZ66.733 (135/135 Ohm, 135°) Rotational direction (Product numbers ending without R are ccw) R Clockwise (when facing gear end. See Figure 6 .) Shaft seal (Only available with AGA58.4 3/8 inch square shaft) Blank No shaft seal kit provided -N4 Shaft seal kit AGA55.5 installed on actuator

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