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Siemens Fuse

Siemens Fuse

  • $34.95

Replaceable fuses for the three LMV5 fuses: main power fuse, two secondary Canbus fuses.

The 6 Amp main power fuse can also be used with LFL, LAL, LMV36, and LMV37 Burner controls 

There are two available Fuses:

  1. FUSE6.3A-SLOW - Primary Fuses for LMV5 - 6.3A, 250V 5x20mm, slow blow, for 120 VAC power
  2. FUSE4.0A-SLOW - Secondary CANbus fuses - 4.0A, 250V,5x20mm, slow blow, for 12 VAC power



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