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Pete's Plug - Pressure and Temperature Test Plug

Pete's Plug - Pressure and Temperature Test Plug

  • $20.50


Brass body & neoprene core
500 PSI Rated 
Blue strap
Length: 1.5"


PETE’S PLUG II Will allow you to take pressure and temperature readings quickly and eliminate the need for leaving costly gauges or temperature indicators on the line.

Depending on the application, the Pete’s Plug can be
operated to a maximum of 500 PSIG and 200º or 275ºF
for neoprene and nordel respectively. Maximum
working pressures of 1000 PSIG can be attained with
neoprene or nordel at temperatures from 140ºF to -20ºF.

  1. Cap and Gasket
  2. Cap Retaining Strap
  3. Two self closing valves with interaction to speed valve closure
  4. Valve Body
  5. Valve Retainer


Well suited for most plant and pipeline systems and is designed to eliminate gauge cocks and thermometer wells. 

Hot and chilled water systems, heat exchangers, pumps, differential readings, air, gas lines, etc…



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