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Multi-Purpose Pressure Gauges (Model A Classic series)

Multi-Purpose Pressure Gauges (Model A Classic series)

  • $5.26

Model A gauges are for general service applications where cost savings are needed. Multiple purpose pressure gauges, competitively priced: pneumatics, hydraulics, plumbing, HVAC, compressors, pumps, pools, etc. Not for use with Oxygen. 




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Case: Steel, painted black
Dial: White aluminum with psi graduations in black and kPa graduations in blue
Ring: Steel, painted black
Lens: Polycarbonate
Pointer: Steel, painted black
Connection: ⅛ in nptm or ¼ in nptm bottom or center back mount
Wetted parts: Brass
Bourdon tube: Phosphor bronze
Maximum process and ambient temperature: -40 à 150°F / -40 à 65°C
Operating pressure: Maximum 75 % of full scale value
Overpressure limit: 25 % over full scale value
Accuracy: ASME B40.100(B40.1), Grade B ± 2 %



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