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FSC-BTU-KIT BTU Metering Kit

  • $902.50

Energy meter kit for measurement applications based on flow and temperature differential, used with Portaflow ultrasonic flow meters

  • Up to 302°F (150°C) sensor temp
  • 4-20mA loop powered output
  • Matched MIST temperature transducers
  • Pre-wired cables and connectors
  • Analog output alligator clips
  • Shielded heat resistant transducer cables
  • Temperature transducer mounting kit
  • Battery powered

The FSC-BTU-KIT BTU (British Thermal Unit) Metering kit comes with everything you need to use with the Fuji Electric Portaflow-C Ultrasonic Flow Meter.

The MIST Temperature Transducers come pre-calibrated and perfectly matched. The MIST Transducers (Microprocessor Integrated Sensor Transmitter) maintain a high degree of accuracy over the entire temperature range and over an extended period of time.

The Metering Module Interface box offers an efficient and easy way to start immediate BTU measurement. The interface box allows easy hook-up of the temperature transducers and allows access to the Portaflow-C's analog output via the attached alligator clips.

The interface box is battery powered and supplies the power for the two temperature transducers maintaining the portability of your Portaflow-C system.

The FSC-BTU-KIT BTU Metering Kit Includes:


  • Matched surface mount clamp on MIST M340 Series Temperature Transducers (2)
  • Stainless steel overbraid teflon cable with micro M12 male connector

Interface Box

  • Battery Powered via two 9V or optional rechargeable battery with AC adapter
  • 6 position plug for Portaflow
  • Alligator clips for auxiliary analog output

Transducer Mounting Kit

  • 2 adjustable stainless steel pipe straps (for up to 24 inch diameter)
  • 1 tube of heat conducting paste

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