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Cleveland Controls Model AFS-A Pressure Proving Switch

  • $63.00


Model AFS-A is a gen­eral purpose airflow proving switch typically applied to package burners, furnaces, and fuel-burning equipment. AFS-A accurately senses positive, negative, or differential air pressure.


    • Mounting Position: Mount with the diaphragm in any vertical plane.
    • Set Point Range: 0.05 ± 0.02" W.C. to 12.0" W.C. (1.27 mm W.C. to 304.8 mm W.C.) (0 to 0.43 PSI).
    • Field Adjustable “Operate Range”: 0.07" W.C. to 12.0" W.C.
    • Field Adjustable “Release Range”: 0.04" W.C. to 11.2" W.C.
    • Approximate Switching Differential: Progressive, increasing from 0.02 ± 0.01"w.c. at minimum set point to approximately 0.8" W.C. at maximum set point.
    • Measured Media: Air, or combustion by-products that will not degrade silicone.
    • Maximum Pressure: ½ PSI (0.03 bar).
    • Operating Temperature Range: -40F to 180F (-40 to 82C).
    • Life: 100,000 cycles minimum at ½ psi maxi­mum pressure each cycle and at maximum rated electrical load.
    • Electrical Rating: 300 VA pilot duty at 115 to 277 VAC,15 amps noninductive to 277 VAC, 60 Hz.
    • Contact Arrangement: SPDT.
    • Electrical Connections: Screw-type terminals with cup washers.
    • Conduit Opening: ⅞" diameter opening accepts ½" conduit.
    • Sample Line Connectors:¼" - 18 NPT female (high pressure inlet) ⅛" - 27 NPT female (low pressure inlet).
    • Sample Line Connections: Connectors will accept ¼" OD rigid or semi-rigid tubing.
    • Approvals: UL, FM, CSA.


    Technical Literature for the AFS-A Air Proving Switch Here. 

    Technical Bulletin for the AFS-A Air Proving Switch Here.

    Air Switch Glossary Here.


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