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Replacement for PROTHERM 100, 200, 300, 

The PROTHERM 470 is designed to monitor, control, record and archive heat treatment processes running in a furnace or simultaneously in multiple chambers. They are configurable for various types of batch and continuous furnaces. Installations are done on new or refurbished furnaces and are used for updating existing systems. 


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Main Features


  • Visual display of the connected furnace, chambers, different configured components (e.g.: furnace door, recirculation turbines, etc.) and the loads
  • Configured for 3 Internal PID loops, expandable to 32 control loops, to regulate configured process parameters such as furnace temperature, quench oil temperature as well as atmosphere parameters (e.g., carbon flow, carbon potential, nitriding potential, oxygen potential and many others)
  • Can hold up to 32 PID control-loops to regulate configured process parameters such as temperature, furnace pressure as well as atmosphere parameters (e.g.: carbon potential, nitriding potential and oxygen potential)
  • Load oriented treatments: real-time monitoring of jobs at all stages of the process and all chambers of the furnace
  • All process parameters can be configured with alarm limits
  • Notification and processing of alarms
  • An online diffusion calculation provides the capability to control the process using the required target values (e.g.: case depth, surface carbon content)
  • Process variables can be viewed and recorded with chart recorders
  • Log files in PDF and ASCII-CSV format can be downloaded to a remote computer for archiving
  • Up to 99 treatments and templates can be created and modified



Operating Characteristics


  • Control knob or Touch-enabled screen enables user to select input fields and enter data
  • Function keys are used for accessing the most important functions
  • Users access to different functions is password protected
  • A PC keyboard can be connected through a PS/2 port







Integrated Web Server


  • A remote computer can be connected to the device through a standard web browser
  • The treatment logs in PDF format and in ASCII-CSV format are kept for 30 days. They can be downloaded and then further processed with any appropriate PC software (e.g. Microsoft® Excel)
  • A powerful Java based configuration tool can be downloaded and installed on a local PC for configuring all the device parameters





Built-In Functions


  • Mathematical model for calculating atmospheric parameters from gas inputs and sensor values
  • Real-time carbon and/or nitrogen diffusion calculation
  • Hardness profile calculation based on chemical composition, carbon or nitrogen content in the material, and quenching parameters








  • he control loops, furnace graphics, process variables and more can be configured with a user-friendly proprietary configuration software
  • The set-up of the PID parameters and other control functions are accessed via the configuration key