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UPC Protherm 20 Oxygen Monitor and Controller

The PROTHERM 20 is designed for cost-effective measurement and control of excess oxygen. The unit provides simple 2-point (on/off) control, continuous PID control, or 3-point stepping control.



Special Features:

Furnace Atmosphere Control

  • Monitoring and PID control of: C content, oxygen content or dewpoint
  • Input for connecting lambda-sensor
  • Automatic and manual sensor purging
  • Sooting alarm
  • Gas-correction input CO or hydrogen (H2) compensation
  • Calibrating function for the atmosphere input


  • Three analog inputs, two are universal
  • Two freely configurable analog output, e.g. as process value output
  • High-impedance mV input for O2 sensors
  • Oxygen calculation (ppm /%O2, automatic adaptation)
  • Carbon content calculation (%C, 2 decimals)
  • Dewpoint calculation (°C, °F selectable)
  • Self-Tuning to the setpoint without oscillation
  • Valve controller with position feedback and DAC monitoring
  • 3-point controller for water, fan and oil cooling
  • Universal continuous/switching version, i.e. reduced stocks of spare parts
  • 100 ms cycle time, also suitable for fast control loops
  • 20 ms as shortest pulse-length
  • Customer-specific Linearization for all sensors
  • Settings can be blocked via password and internal switch for high security
  • Extended temperature range up to 140°F (60°C) allows mounting close to the process
  • Easy 2-point or offset measurement correction
  • Monitoring of heating current and output circuit
  • Emergency operation after sensor break by means of the “output hold” function
  • Logical combination of digital outputs, e.g. for general alarm
  • Manual gain scheduling
  • RS 422/485 Modbus RTU interface
  • PROFIBUS-DP interface
  • Built-in transmitter power supply<
  • Splash-water proof front (IP 65)
  • Front interface port
  • BluePort® Front interface and BlueControl software
  • Customer specific data-set
  • Maintenance manager and error list
  • Day & Night display shows plain text and bar graphs
  • Type tested to EN 14597 (replaces DIN 3440) and cULus