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Kromschroder VAD, VAG, VAV, VAH Pressure Regulator with Solenoid Valves





VAS VCS Gas Solenoid Valve

VAD, VAG: ANSI/CSA approved* – ANSI Z21.21/CSA 6.5, ANSI Z21.18 and CSA 6.3

VAD, VAG, VAV: UL listed (for 120 V only)

  • All-purpose servo regulator for gaseous media with integrated safety valve

  • Suitable for a max. inlet pressure of 500 mbar (7 psig)

  • Minimum installation effort: no external impulse line required

  • Setting options from two sides


Regulators with solenoid valves are designed for shutoff, and thanks to the servo technology, for precise control of the gas supply to gas burners and gas appliances. They are used in gas control and safety systems in all sectors of the iron, steel, glass and ceramics industries, as well as in residential or commercial heat generation, such as the packaging, paper and foodstuffs industries.


Constant pressure governor, Class A, with high control accuracy, for excess air burners, atmospheric burners or single-stage forced draught burners. Pressure preset via setpoint spring. In the case of fluctuating furnace or kiln pressures, the furnace chamber pressure may also be connected for maintaining a constant burner capacity.


Air/gas ratio control, Class A, for maintaining a constant air/gas pressure ratio for modulating-controlled burners or with VAS 1 bypass valve for stage-controlled burners. Pressure preset by the air control line. The VAG..N can also be used as a zero governor for gas engines.


Flow rate regulators VAH and VRH are used to maintain a constant gas/air ratio for modulating-controlled and stage-controlled burners. The gas flow rate is controlled proportionally to the air flow rate. In addition, flow rate regulator VAH is designed as a gas solenoid valve and shuts off the gas or air supply safely.


Variable air/gas ratio control, Class A, for maintaining a constant gas/air pressure ratio for modulating-controlled burners. Pressure preset by the air control line. The ratio of gas pressure to air pressure remains constant. It can be set from 0.6:1 to 3:1. Pressure fluctuations in the combustion chamber can be compensated via the combustion chamber control pressure


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