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Kromschroder DL Air Pressure Switches








DL Switch Series for Air Pressure




  • Precision differential pressure switch
  • Monitoring of air, flue gas and other non-aggressive gases
  • DL..EH: up to +110°C ambient temperature
  • High switching point stability
  • Switching point selection via hand wheel or adjusting screw
  • Screw terminals or AMP plugs for electrical connections
  • Flexible mounting options
  • All connections accessible from one side
  • DL..ET, DL..KT: FM approved and UR recognized
  • DL..AT, DL..KT: FM approved and UL listed
  • RoHS 2002/95/EC and follow-up directive 2011/65/EC


Pressure switches for air DL can be used as positive pressure switches, vacuum sensors or differential pressure switches for air, flue gas and other non-aggressive gases. They are not suitable for fuel gases. They monitor extremely low pressure differentials.

They trigger switch-on, switch-off or switchover operations if a set switching point is reached. This switching point can be adjusted using a hand wheel or, if required, it can be fixed using an adjusting screw.

The diaphragm pressure switch with micro switch features particularly high contact reliability as low gas release components are used.



Use the Tables below to determine the specification you desire for your Pressure Switch. Then Click here to Obtain a quote on price and estimated delivery


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