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Kromschroder Butterfly Valves





Butterfly Valve

  • For gas, air, hot air and flue gas

  • Low leakage rate and pressure loss

  • High control accuracy

  • BVG, BVGF, BVA, BVAF, IBG, IBGF, IBA or IBAF with reduced nominal diameters

  • Butterfly valves available with mounted actuator

  • Suitable for intermittent operation

  • BVGF, BVAF, IBGF, IBAF work clearance-free

  • Low-maintenance operation

  • BVHR can be used in temperatures of up to 550°C


The butterfly valves are designed to adjust volumes of gas, cold and hot air and flue gas on various appliances and flue gas lines. They are designed for control ratios up to 1:10, and with the mounted actuator they are suitable for regulating flow rates for modulating-controlled or stage-controlled combustion processes.


BVG for gas, BVA for air. These butterfly valves BVG..H, BVA..H can also be supplied with manual adjustment.


Flow rates can be set and fixed using a butterfly valve with manual adjustment, for example to limit the highfire rate on the burner. A scale indicates the set angle of opening. Butterfly valves BVG, BVGF, BVA and BVAF with reduced nominal diameter (reduced by one or two nominal sizes) can be used to achieve higher control accuracy. This will mean that complex reducing fittings will no longer be required. Various adapter sets with square shaft, free shaft end or lever are available as accessories, Flow rates can be set and fixed using a lever, for example to limit the high-fire rate on the burner. A scale indicates the set angle of opening.


Butterfly valves BVGF and BVAF work clearance-free. In case of change of direction, the butterfly valve adjusts to the setpoint without delay. The butterfly valve thus reaches the required position more quickly


Butterfly valve for hot air and flue gas. The butterfly valve BVH, BVHR, BVHS is used for processes that require the very precise adjustment of the flow rate or low leakage. In conjunction with the stop bar, the valve disc ensures very low leakage rates. Using a spiral spring which compensates for the play in combination with the actuator IC 40, it is possible to move the valve disc to the required angle with almost zero hysteresis.


The butterfly valve BVHS with safety closing function, see page 11 (Function), is used with the actuator IC 40S in systems where it is important that in the event of a mains voltage failure, the valve closes, preventing air streaming into the furnace without being under control. In order to maximize the service life of the butterfly valve, the safety closing function should be used only for the scheduled closing function and not for controlled shut-down or for intermittent switching of the burner.


Butterfly valve BVH is suitable for applications up to 450°C. The BVHR can be used at a medium temperature of up to 550°C.


Butterfly valve BVHM is used in intermittent mode. Solenoid actuator MB 7 is available as an actuator for the BVHM.


Butterfly valves BVG, BVGF, BVA, BVAF, BVH, BVHR or BVHS and actuator IC 20 or 40 can be delivered ready assembled as butterfly valves with actuator IBG, IBGF, IBA, IBAF, IBH, IBHR or IBHS. For detailed information on actuators, see www., Technical Information bulletin Actuators IC 40 and Technical Information bulletin Actuators IC 20, IC 30, IC 50.

BVHM with MB 7

Solenoid actuator MB 7 and butterfly valve BVHM are used in intermittent mode. The low- and high-fire rates can be adjusted independently of each other. For detailed information on solenoid actuator MB 7, see, Technical Information bulletin MB 7.


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