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Fuji Electric ZRZ Cable - All Possible Part Numbers

Part Number Alternate P/N Conduit Cable Length Cable End Treatment
ZRZKRYA1-0 ZRZKRYA10 None 6 meters None
ZRZKRYA1-1 ZRZKRYA11 None 6 meters Detector end only
ZRZKRYA1-2 ZRZKRYA12 None 6 meters Both ends
ZRZKRYB1-0 ZRZKRYB10 None 10 meters None
ZRZKRYB1-1 ZRZKRYB11 None 10 meters Detector end only
ZRZKRYB1-2 ZRZKRYB12 None 10 meters Both ends
ZRZKRYC1-0 ZRZKRYC10 None 15 meters None
ZRZKRYC1-1 ZRZKRYC11 None 15 meters Detector end only
ZRZKRYC1-2 ZRZKRYC12 None 15 meters Both ends
ZRZKRYD1-0 ZRZKRYD10 None 20 meters None
ZRZKRYD1-1 ZRZKRYD11 None 20 meters Detector end only
ZRZKRYD1-2 ZRZKRYD12 None 20 meters Both ends
ZRZKRYE1-0 ZRZKRYE10 None 30 meters None
ZRZKRYE1-1 ZRZKRYE11 None 30 meters Detector end only
ZRZKRYE1-2 ZRZKRYE12 None 30 meters Both ends
ZRZKRYF1-0 ZRZKRYF10 None 40 meters None
ZRZKRYF1-1 ZRZKRYF11 None 40 meters Detector end only
ZRZKRYF1-2 ZRZKRYF12 None 40 meters Both ends
ZRZKRYG1-0 ZRZKRYG10 None 50 meters None
ZRZKRYG1-1 ZRZKRYG11 None 50 meters Detector end only
ZRZKRYG1-2 ZRZKRYG12 None 50 meters Both ends
ZRZKRYH1-0 ZRZKRYH10 None 60 meters None
ZRZKRYH1-1 ZRZKRYH11 None 60 meters Detector end only
ZRZKRYH1-2 ZRZKRYH12 None 60 meters Both ends
ZRZKRYJ1-0 ZRZKRYJ10 None 70 meters None
ZRZKRYJ1-1 ZRZKRYJ11 None 70 meters Detector end only
ZRZKRYJ1-2 ZRZKRYJ12 None 70 meters Both ends
ZRZKRYK1-0 ZRZKRYK10 None 80 meters None
ZRZKRYK1-1 ZRZKRYK11 None 80 meters Detector end only
ZRZKRYK1-2 ZRZKRYK12 None 80 meters Both ends
ZRZKRYL1-0 ZRZKRYL10 None 90 meters None
ZRZKRYL1-1 ZRZKRYL11 None 90 meters Detector end only
ZRZKRYL1-2 ZRZKRYL12 None 90 meters Both ends
ZRZKRYM1-0 ZRZKRYM10 None 100 meters None
ZRZKRYM1-1 ZRZKRYM11 None 100 meters Detector end only
ZRZKRYM1-2 ZRZKRYM12 None 100 meters Both ends
ZRZKRAA1-0 ZRZKRAA10 With conduit 6 meters None
ZRZKRAA1-1 ZRZKRAA11 With conduit 6 meters Detector end only
ZRZKRAA1-2 ZRZKRAA12 With conduit 6 meters Both ends
ZRZKRBB1-0 ZRZKRBB10 With conduit 10 meters None
ZRZKRBB1-1 ZRZKRBB11 With conduit 10 meters Detector end only
ZRZKRBB1-2 ZRZKRBB12 With conduit 10 meters Both ends
ZRZKRCC1-0 ZRZKRCC10 With conduit 15 meters None
ZRZKRCC1-1 ZRZKRCC11 With conduit 15 meters Detector end only
ZRZKRCC1-2 ZRZKRCC12 With conduit 15 meters Both ends
ZRZKRDD1-0 ZRZKRDD10 With conduit 20 meters None
ZRZKRDD1-1 ZRZKRDD11 With conduit 20 meters Detector end only
ZRZKRDD1-2 ZRZKRDD12 With conduit 20 meters Both ends