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Changing the type of input signal on the PHA recorder

This recorder is a multi-input device which permits the input for any channel to be changed to thermocouple, RTD or DC voltage input. Follow the procedure described below to change the input type.

Step 1:

Turn off the power to the unit.

Step 2:

Open the front door and remove the main unit in the manner shown in the drawings below.

Step 2-1

Loosen the lock screws on the left and right side and remove them.

Step 2-2

Grip the paper feed frame and pull it firmly towards you. This detaches it from the main unit.

Step 2-3

Change the settings of the pins for individual channels on the internal printed circuit board.
*Use pliers to remove and insert pins

Step 2-4

After completing the hardware change, push the main unit back into its original place and screw back into position.

Step 2-5

Change the input terminal wiring to make it correspond to the new input signal type. For DC current input, provide the input terminals with shunt resistors.

Step 2-6

Refer to Section 7.8 in the manual and carry out the programming changes for each channel that has been modified.