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ACME Engineering RS485 RelayPost


The Acme WR Series Remote Relay Module operates within a CEL-LS RS-485 gas detection network, acting as an addressable output to the CEL Control Panel. Each WR Relay Module provides 8 relays for the indirect activation of fans, louvers, and other kinds of peripherals, at programmable set points.

Since the WR Relay Module operates within the CEL-LS RS-485, it can be located at any point within the network.

A typical CEL-LS gas detection network includes several WR remote relays that are mounted at different areas within the monitored space, virtually eliminating the need for costly conduit and wiring.

These wireless remote relay modules can be included as a component of a cew multipoint, multigas detection and control system.



  • FCC/IC/ETSI/CE approved RF modules
  • Addressable modules with 8 onboard relays that can be energized from control panel via a wireless network
  • Compatible with ACME’s new CEW Series wireless control panel
  • Unique design enabling FANON confirmation signals to be transmitted back to the control panel via same wireless network
  • Compact & modular concept
  • Easy installation, virtually eliminsting cost of installation materials