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ACME Engineering Quadset refrigerant Gas Monitor


The Acme Quadset Refrigerant Gas Monitor is designed to detect refrigerant leaks in enclosed areas. The Monitor utilizes a sophisticated NDIR sensor specific to any one of the commercially available refrigerants. It can monitor over a range of 0-1000ppm with a resolution threshold as low as 1ppm. The Quadset can monitor up to four locations in one of two modes of operation, diffusion or sample-draw. In the diffusion mode, up to four RF-IR-ST-24 Refrigerant Sensor/ Transmitters can be daisy-chained to the Monitor and transmit data on a RS-485 communication bus.

In the sample-draw mode, built-in diaphragm pumps continuously draw air samples from the four locations via tubing, the incoming samples are then diverted to a built-in sensor by means of a sequencer and solenoid valves.

Designed to act as a fixed in-situ safety monitor, the Quadset automatically operates the mechanical ventilation system of a facility upon detection of low levels of refrigerants, thereby protecting occupants, personnel and gas-sensitive goods and products.

The standard Monitor has a 3-stage relay output configuration and a malfunction relay. Options include 4-20mA analog output based on average or worst reading, a strobe light and/or a horn. With the increased use of gas detection in maintenance and industrial facilities, the Quadset allows installers and users to meet code requirements in an economical fashion using commercial grade gas detection equipment.



  • High-accuracy refrigerant-specific NDIR sensor
  • Up to 4 points of detection
  • Diffusion or sample draw
  • 4-line LCD included and Removable Keypad available
  • 3-Stage relay output with LED status indicators
  • Optional - 4-20mA output
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Meets and exceeds ANSI/ASHRAE 15-1994



Typical Wiring Diagram