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ACME Engineering CEL-4 QuadSet


The ACME CEL-4 QuadSet series is a microprocessor-based up to 4 channels multigas detection and control system that can be used with GasPost sensors. The communication between the Control Panel and the remote Sensor-Transmitters is accomplished through a true RS485 daisy chain communication network.

The LCD display provides a continuous digital read-out of gas concentrations for each sensor-transmitter, as well as levels status (lLow, High and Alarm).

In its most basic configuration, the CEL-4 Control Panel supports up to 4 channels where each channel is treated independently controlling a fan zone. In this configuration, all channels have their own SPDT relay output at Low gas levels and/or a 4-20mA signals proportional to the gas readings. In a more practical application, the channels are divided into groups that collectively serve various fan zones. In this latter configuration each group (zone) has a set of relay output contacts at Low gas levels and/or 4-20mA signal proportional to the demand from that group. High & Alarm gas level SPDT relay outputs are always common to all channels.



  • Proven RS-485 transmission technology for up to 4 remote sensor/transmitters.
  • Relay outputs or 4-20mA analog outputs from the Control Panel.
  • Equipment is composed of solid-state circuitry housed in rugged enclosures.

Typical Wiring Diagram: