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Brass Diaphragm 0-200" WC Pressure Gauges

Brass Diaphragm 0-200" WC Pressure Gauges

  • $18.00

Economic, Dry, Reliable Gauges

Ideal gauge for low pressure measurement of fluids and gases both corrosive and non-corrosive. Used in refineries, paper mills, water treatment plants, etc. Diaphragm gauges are sensitive instruments used in low pressure applications not exceeding 10 PSI. The diaphragm capsule is an elastic metal sensing element comprised of two thin wall diaphragms that are soldered together to make the capsule. 




  • Range: 0-200"WC / 0-50 kPa
  • Case: Steel, painted black
  • Connection: 1/4" NPT Bottom Mount or Center-Back Mount
  • Dial: White, H2O or psi graduations in black, oz or kPa in blue
  • Cover and lens: Snap-in polycarbonate 
  • Pointer: Aluminum, painted black  


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